Love Mask

The Making of Love Mask

The Making of Love Mask Short Film, Kampala – Uganda,

Can the craving for what most of us got change one’s character? When Sam failed to persuade his family to get him a phone and a laptop at the age of 10, he turns to reading in an act of self-distraction to distinguish himself, that starts an upward journey to finding a unique identity, true joy, love, and hope.


Sam, 12-year-old, male. A self-confident boy who sets-up his opponents and allows them plenty of time to express themselves. Being intricate and articulate is his weapon of choice.

Jesse, late teen, male. A self-absorbed gentleman who cares little to even help a crying-child lost in the park.

Celina, early 50’s, female (mother to the two boys). When you get up there everything else will fall into place. Getting more academic accolades is just the thing to square up with the greats, parenting is turning into some sort of favor.

Regina the maid, early 30’s, female. Well, when some ladies marry the wrong guy, they step aside for their single-parent-children, they watch life from a distance, their opinions are reserved for critical job discussions.

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